September 27 2023 and still no browse feature available for me in chatgpt plus

This is the language of the release notes mentioning the return of Browse (internet search)

Browse is rolling back out to Plus users (September 27, 2023)

Browse is rolling out to all Plus users.

“Rolling out” - slowly being deployed.

If you don’t have beta feature options to enable Browse with Bing, we can assume the feature simply has not reached you yet – or is being offered to various users at various times – and is not a bug.

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Respectfully, what got me was OpenAI CS repeatedly assuring me I DID have access to it, and repeatedly giving me instructions on how to activate and access it. So, if it’s not a bug, it’s clearly confusing to both Plus users (as evidenced by this thread) AND to OpenAI support, who repeatedly told me I had it, and what steps I needed to follow to activate it, until I provided them with step-by-step screenshots showing that none of the options were available. At that point they said the following:

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the unavailability of the desired feature.

Please be assured that our engineering team has been informed and is diligently working to resolve the issue. We will maintain this ticket open and provide you with timely updates on the progress. The resolution might require some time, and we are grateful for your patience and understanding as we work towards enhancing your experience with our service.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly.

“Diligently working to resolve the issue” doesn’t sound like “it just hasn’t gotten to you yet, please be patient” to me.

So IDK, if you’re saying that WE are mixed up because of “rolling out = slowly being deployed”, I’d counter with it seems like no one on the OpenAI side knows what’s going on either. :man_shrugging:


Same problem here. Maybe they are rolling and need more time to activate it to all plus user? I don’t understand, why this option is not showing…

Hi there!
Unlike others, I can see the ‘Browse with Bing’ option in my Settings & Beta, but it isn’t functioning. Although I toggled on ‘Browse with Bing,’ when I engage with Chat GPT-4, it informs me that it still doesn’t have internet access. What should I do next?

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I have this issue on mobile, but still only version 25/09 without Bing on desktop

I’m using the desktop version of ChatGPT, which is the September 25 Version. I can see the ‘Browse with Bing’ option in my Settings & Beta, but it’s not operational.

Yeah, only the Sept 27th update people have it.

No, it works in the version from September 25. I’ve resolved my problem :slight_smile: If you’re on a desktop and see the 'Browse with Bing’ option in Settings & Beta, it should work. After activating ‘Browse with Bing,’ open a new chat, select ChatGPT-4, and choose ‘Browse with Bing.’ There you go :slight_smile:

Ok. I don’t have that in Beta features on desktop. I have it on the app, but despite activating it, no option to use it.

Same here, activated the feature and still no browsing

Same here, the option is not available for me under Settings&Beta

Hi Barnickal and Tommrism!

You’ve taken the first step to activate “Browse with Bing.” (Barnickal has activated it only in the app for now.)

Step Two: Since this is a beta feature, you won’t be able to proceed further with the default settings and search. To continue, go to the upper left corner and start a new conversation.

You’ll then have a few options to choose from: Chat-3.5, Chat-4: Default, Browse with Bing, and Advanced Data Analyst. Select “Chat-4,” and then from the drop-down menu, choose ‘Browse with Bing.’ A blue checkmark will appear on the right side to confirm your selection.

And that’s it! Your chat is now enabled to browse the internet. :slight_smile:


It is working now, thank you Impetus, I appreciate it.:pray:

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did anyone figure out what to do if “Browse with Bing” is not available as an option under settings?

Same thing for me. I’ve been paying for GPT4 since the beginning and i still don’t have the web browse option in my beta settings. I similarly have the 25th of Sept release. Why does everyone else get this and not me when I’m already paying for it?

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Same here. I start to find it really annoying to pay the same price as US customers and am consistently treated like a second tier customer…

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Hi, it’s not working for me. There is no ‘browse with bing’ in my beta features, and i am a paid subscriber to the platform. Why don’t i see it?

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Incredibly frustrating to be paying $20 per month and almost a week later i STILL don’t have access to this update. Have checked repeatedly for a fix but radio silence from Openai. Shambolic customer service!


Seems like lots of delayed access for US-based users as well (raises hand).

(edit 10-4 - got access this morning. Now, hoping to get access to vision this week too :pray:)