Resubmitted plugin. OpenAI duplicated it on the store

I recently switched my host, so I needed to resubmit the plugin. I went through the process about a week ago, simple enough.

However, instead of taking down the old version, the plugin search now lists 2 duplicate plugins.

Anyone know how to deal with this? I want users to use the latest and greatest. I’ve tried “outdating” the old plugin’s manifest, so OpenAI will take it down automatically. However, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to uninstall it from users’ accounts once installed.

Haha, that’s actually great. Now you have a 2.5% chance to get listed on the front page.

All jokes aside, please contact the team to remove the duplicate.


I’ve tried using the contact form submission bot, and I haven’t found a way to contact them about this :joy:

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In checking just now the ChatGPT plugin store only shows one version of the ChatOCR plugin with a search


Can you give an update on this? Did this happen automatically? Did you get any messages from OpenAI or the system concerning this?

I ask because this is still happening with other plugins and the developer(s) are also seeking the solution.

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Yes there needs to be proper documentation for this, whether its manual or automatic process

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