How to remove multiple instances of Plugin

Recently the new version of my plugin was approved on the store, but the previous one is already present and now we got two instance up and running and my server is getting response from both and causing problem.

So if anyone knows how to remove them please provide any solution.

@logankilpatrick Can you check this issue ?

This is pure speculation on my part, also I am not an OpenAI employee.

Just four days ago the plugin ChatOCR had what seems to be the exact same problem.


However in checking just now in the ChatGPT plugin store there is only one showing.


So my summation is that the system automatically recognizes the newer one as part of a background process and removes the older one.

@Reibs might be able to give more details on this. It would also help if the noted topic was updated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your response,
I also tried to outdate the previous plugin OAS and manifest but not working out,
If this process if automatically then i hope it will get resolved soon.

I hope so also as this problem is common among many plugin developers and AFAIK is not documented in the official documentation.

As far that problem, if it were my plugin I would pass a version number, based on the release of the plugin, with each request to the server and then have the server do its magic to only process one request with a valid reply and the other request with a notification, think reply code or JSON response, such that ChatGPT does not include the result in the completion. Hopefully that makes sense, if not I can try an explain in more detail if you need.

Did you meant like this

For example, if you have two plugins with the same name but different versions, such as 1.0 and 1.1, you can pass the version number along with the request, such as or .


I did a proof of concept plugin about a month ago so know that the request has extra info, IIRC it also contains enough to uniquely identify the user and conversation but can’t remember it if includes specifics of the plugin in the request. Anyway you get the idea. Let us know if/how it goes as other plugin developers might adopt this.

I will try but my Project is on vercel and if i update my server both instances will use it so its very hard to identify which one is traffic coming from ?
I might use some Vercel specific server side variables like VERCEL_URL to identify to see if that works out.

That is why I specifically used the word magic. There is just too many variables to ensure that the request are routed as one would hope, e.g.load balancers, multiple threads without shared memory, configuration, etc., to give an answer that works for all. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking of reading OAS or manifest file to detect the version used

I’m the ChatOCR guy.

Made a bunch of requests to the submission bot (bug reports, resubmission, etc.) and DM’d Logan. I also changed the ai-plugin.json manifest, which should automatically take the plugin off. Eventually, it just went down on its own. Can’t say for sure what worked!

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Yes its not clear which method to use that would work 100% for this issue

Without direct feedback from OpenAI this is a black box testing problem. So you can only try one method and then wait for an result. Pick one and hope you get the correct one.

If you try something one day then something the next day before getting a result from the action you have invalidated the test and don’t really learn anything.

I Think better to contact OpenAI staff directly, otherwise if you change OAS and maybe it will delist your current updated Plugin then you’re in trouble.
I am just finding a way to detect traffic from Updated plugin and stop traffic from outdated one

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Hi there,

We recommend making a change or update to the plugin you wish to remove from the store. It will be automatically removed once any modifications are applied to it.

Thank you!
– OpenAI team

i accepted because it was only official solution, still haven’t figured it out how to make changes to outdated version of plugin yet.

That is actually the only solution we can try as stated in docs if you make changes to manifest then your plugin will be removed so make sense

yes but currently this is the only solution if will get success in implementing this then i will sure update here.

How long does it typically take for the duplicate to be removed? My previous version was updated and now is no longer available at the old endpoint, but the duplicate is still in the store.

I dont know maybe a month they can detect which instance traffic is comming from then they can remove one with lower traffic.