We have two plugins in plugin store, how can I remove the plugin with the wrong plugin url?

We re-submitted our plugin for review but we changed the plugin URL. I noticed that we now how two plugins the new one with new and updated URL and the old one that is now pointing to the old URL. Is there an easy way for me to select which plugin I want to keep and delete or remove the older plugin?

I’ll bet if you submit the old one again with significant manifest changes but still identifiably the same, it will be disabled by the review process. Then you can see if description “remove this obsolete copy permanently” affects the human.

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Looks like this got taken care of, but the easy fix is to make any changes to the one you want removed, then go through the “develop your own plugin flow” which will remove the old plugin automatically.


Thanks! I re-submitted plugin again and in comments section I asked to remove the wrong Plugin. It worked!