How to unpublish plugins / delete them permanently?

My fellow plugin publishers:

Have you found a way to delete a published plugin permanently? In other words, we want to “unpublish” it. We are at the full speed to move on to the GPT platform. We don’t want leave a trace in the obsolete plugin store. Lingering plugins may cause confusions.

Here is what I have. I cannot find any mechanism to achieve the destruction of our plugins.


Change your manifest in any way and
The plug-in automatically goes out of the store in a few minutes

That works in theory, but not in practice. There may be a bug somewhere. We have published and unpublished (unverified) plugins. The newly published GPT would trigger an installation of the unverified plugin in some circumstances!! So, “out of sight” is not “out of mind” or out of the system.

Since the bug may be only plugin related and the plugin will phase out soon, I wouldn’t pursue a fix, unless the bug interferes with the GPT platform. That is reason why I just want to get rid of our plugins for good.

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Curious, are you also having an issue where when your GPT action oauth redirects back to chatGPT, it tries to somehow access the old plugin? I’m having this issue and also trying to permanently delete the plugin :frowning:

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Migration is supposed to keep the backend intact. I think the problem may be the oversight on OpenAI’s part. Thanks for sharing the info and the pain.

i’m also faceing this issue at my water filter black friday site thanks this is help full for me