Regarding the issue of the rate limit not being raised

I have registered to payment methods, but ratelimits have not changed from the free trial user limit.
Can someone please help me with a solution?

Hi, I hope to be your guide through these issues, and apparently a few others have been strangely affected by being bumped back down to free-trial limitations or not getting limits lifted instantly even though a payment method was entered.

First, you might need to give a payment and your prepay credit purchase some time to be processed and take effect, even though the balance appears to be added to your account instantly. It is the actual charging of your payment method through the payment processor that seems to be the trigger to transition accounts into the “paid user” status.

Other accounts with no reason not to feed more money into the system had their next credit purchase clear up the problem, but I wouldn’t recommend going right to that without knowing more.

You can let us fellow users on the forum know a bit more about the sequence of events, how long you’ve been a paid user, how long you have waited, if you ever had a payment plan in the system before - and if indeed you’ve actually been charged yet. That will help provide better actions to take, and ultimately someone from OpenAI might skim across the collection of reports. :face_with_monocle:

It has been about 4 days since I became a paying user (credit card registered). Also, the credit used is recorded in the Usage information on the account page, so I don’t think there is a problem with the payment.
The only situation is that the restrictions have not been lifted like in RPM3. :cry:

If the rate limit link I posted above still indicates free trial rates of 3TPM for gpt-3.5 models, and you don’t want to attempt to feed more money to reward a system that didn’t work right the first time for you, then it is indeed a message to openai staff that can resolve the problem.

If you ask a question about quotas or rate limits, that might get you a bot-like auto response with advice, so go right to “account configuration provisioning payment API problem requiring staff” language when sending a message through’s assistant with the icon at lower-right.

I’ll give it a try for now.