No response from OpenAI re: Rate limit increases for months

Hello all,

My organization has been a heavy user of OpenAI’s APIs for a couple of years now. We have a monthly spending limit of $80,000 and have a quota of 1M TPM for text-davinci-003. For months now I have constantly reached out to OpenAI about receiving a rate limit increase for gpt-turbo-3.5, and have not gotten a single human response. This has been very troublesome for us because this means that we are not able to move our services from the Completions APIs to the new Chat APIs.

Does anyone have advice on how I can get my rate limit increases approved or get in touch with someone from OpenAI? Dozens of emails and rate limit increases forms later, we still have not heard a single word in over 3 months.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

I think part of the issue may be available capacity, with GPU’s and those qualified to install them and locations with sufficient power and cooling infrastructure to host them being at a premium, it’s a balancing act keeping all of the millions of API users connected and receiving a reasonable service.

Minor rate increases have little overall effect by themselves, but either many such small increases or several larger ones could, might be worth booking a ticket to the DevDay in SF that is coming up and getting some face time.

Unfortunately OpenAI’s popularity has lead to a shortage of humans on the ground to cover the ever expanding number of users, Staff members do check the forum parodically and it is possible that one may pick up on your request but it should be relied upon.

If you are already heavy users I guess it would be more fair to let the ones who couldn’t become heavy users because of quotas to get more quota first.

See what you have for gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct. It also seems to have TPM classed the same as other completions. And would knock a huge chunk off of your bill. And you’ve got about three months to do it.

Thanks for your response! They actually finally got back to me yesterday and increased us to the max quota because of our spending tier. I totally understand that the volume is high, was just hoping for some help. Luckily, I think posting here did help.

I don’t agree with that logic. Are you suggesting that early adopters should be forced to spend more money to work with lower accuracy models? If anything, I think it should be the opposite and early adopters should have the smoothest transition to new releases and models.

What do you mean by early adopters? text-davinci-003 just came out a few months ago. Everyone here is an early adopter.

The APIs have been widely available since 2021.

I’m not suggesting that anyone deserves special or priority treatment. But suggesting that because someone has access to text-davinci-003 that they shouldn’t have usable quota on the newer, cheaper, and faster models does not make sense to me.

text-davinci-003 came out in nov 28th 2022. However there is no reason why we shouldn’t have different personal opinions on that.