API Request limit increase

48 hours after purchasing $100 of api credit. My pay as you go account still has a rpm of 3. I thought it would automatically increase to 3500rpm 48 hours after I purchased the credits.

I filled out the request increased rate limit form yesterday. I’m just wondering if I’m doing something wrong and if anyone can help increase my rpm.


Definitely sounds like a bug. The rate should be quickly unlocked after they receive a payment. Check to see that you got the actual charge on your bank or charge card billing, because I inferred from another post that the payment processing and application to an account may be queued.

Your account rate limits.

Generate a new API key and see that in use it picks up on the rate shown there.

If they took your money and still don’t let you spend it quickly, you can contact with a message about your account configuration problem via the help.openai.com assistant.

Also note that GPT-4 can seem like it has a request-per-minute rate limit, but it is actually from the tokens-per-minute. It can’t produce as fast as the limit if it’s just you, but if you put a big document in chat history and start talking about it, resending the input again can burn through the allowed tokens.

Just after I made this post I received a $5 international transaction fee. Hopefully 48 hours from now my rate limit automatically increases. But I’m not certain so I’ll have to contact support and be patient.

After filling out the request increased rate limit form and being patient. my rpm was increased to 5000 rpm. I hope this forum post helps anyone facing the same issue in the future. :blush: