Even if I send money and get an ApiKey, the rate limit is not increased from the free limit and remains at 3RPM

Is it appropriate that the rate limit remains low even for paid members (getting api key)?
For example, in gpt-3.5-turbo, 3RPM is still the upper limit.

This does not allow for a little verification.

I saw in the following Issue and other responses that the upper limit is raised when you become a paid member. This was my understanding as well.

Is it the case that it was in the past that the limit is increased to some extent when one becomes a paid member, and that the specifications are different now?

I checked the official documentation, but it does not clearly state this.
It only says "The rate limit is automatically raised based on past usage. Or you can contact us. Is that the only way to get an increase?

Hope you can answer with the latest information.

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Close the rate limit item in the official documentation, as the upper limit value was added.

Hello, sometimes it can take up to a few days for your rate limit to be increased after paying. If after a couple of days you still have problems I would recommend reaching out to support here.

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