[Rate limit increase] API asks me to add payment method to increase rate limit, but we have done it and the problem still exists

The rate limit in my organization for all of gpt-4 and gpt-3.5-turbo models is 3 RPM, which is pretty low. When I work with openai API for ChatCompletion task, it keeps reminding me of rate limit messages as follows,

It suggests me to add payment method to my account, but we do have done it. Do you have any idea what is the cause of this problem and how to solve it?

Another error message about RPM:

If you have a payment method setup and it is in good standing then you will need to contact help.openai.com and use the support bot in the bottom right, the developer forum is unable to assist with account/payment issues.

If you have never put in a payment method before, you would be prompted to “start payment plan” and then would need to purchase credits in order to move the account out of the free trial request per minute limit.

If you had already put a credit card in the account and the billing overview says “You’ll be billed at the end of each calendar month for usage during that month.”, and had already been making requests at the full rate, then you’ll need to contact OpenAI to get the improper rate reset. You can also submit a rate limit request form, note your issue, and it should also be seen by a team that can resolve the issue.