Reached usage limit?

Hi, I haven’t used my free quota at all yet and when I try I get this message: “You’ve reached your usage limit. See your Usage Dashboard and Billing Settings for more details.”

At the same time it says “Start experimenting with $18 in free credit that can be used during your first 3 months.”

So, how can I activate my $18 of free credit?

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Did it expire by any chance? I believe there’s a 3 month period to use your free quota. You can reach to

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Same issue, and my account is only 3 days old

I’m also getting a “usage limit reached” message, but my usage page shows I still have over half my credits available, and my expiration date is in October

Might be related to this?

That’s what I was thinking, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting many people. mr.admr is the only other report I’ve seen of it at the moment.
If my usage still shows less than half I don’t want to risk paying for more credits

Same problem… I created an account five days ago.