Reached usage limit?

Hi, I haven’t used my free quota at all yet and when I try I get this message: “You’ve reached your usage limit. See your Usage Dashboard and Billing Settings for more details.”

At the same time it says “Start experimenting with $18 in free credit that can be used during your first 3 months.”

So, how can I activate my $18 of free credit?

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Did it expire by any chance? I believe there’s a 3 month period to use your free quota. You can reach to


Same issue, and my account is only 3 days old

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I’m also getting a “usage limit reached” message, but my usage page shows I still have over half my credits available, and my expiration date is in October

Might be related to this?

That’s what I was thinking, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting many people. mr.admr is the only other report I’ve seen of it at the moment.
If my usage still shows less than half I don’t want to risk paying for more credits

Same problem… I created an account five days ago.

Same issue. I solved it by adding a credit card and putting a limit of $1/month charge on it. Then I could run queries.

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has anyone figured out this issue? I am having this same issue. I tried to add a credit card and I go into this link loop that keeps taking me to the Billing overview page.

I have the same problem with only open account for 2 days. Help please…


same issue here, I have just created an account and i got the same error as everyone has.
Has anyone figure out how to fix this?

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I found a fix. If you update your credit card information, you have to set a hard and soft use limit which makes no sense. If you leave the fields empty, it will trigger a usage limit.

I was approved for an increase to $250 and I set the hard limit to 250 and the soft limit to $249.
I waited for about 10 minutes and it worked.

The UX folks should definitely look at this as it’s not very intuitive that there is a value requirement for those fields or it will hard stop users.

Also might want to test this and add it to your FAQ and chat bot as there is nothing I found that helped solve this.


This worked for me! I did set both limits to $1, just to be sure.
Thanks for the info!

I am getting You’ve reached your usage limit" when I try to use my free api key trial of $18 and I have not used yet. Same issue brand new account started this week.

I am getting You’ve reached your usage limit" when I try to use my free api key trial of $18 and I have not used yet. I just started this week.

SanQ all.
The issue has been resolved. It appears that using Playground was the problem. We have confirmed that there are no restrictions when using it from the regular screen. Thank you very much for your assistance.
I also had ChatGPT write the text for meXD

hello, ive also got same massage.
my account can use smart phone Chat GPT, but i cant use PCs Chat GPT on chrome.
i really cant understand what my ploblem is.

message as bellow.
You’ve reached your usage limit. See your usage dashboard and billing settings for more details. If you have further questions, please contact us through our help center at

I barely started using playground and it says “reached usage limit”. What kind of joke is this? Who writes this software?

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I had this problem when trying the very first example of suggesting a name for a horse.
I entered my credit card information and waited five minutes and now it works.

Same thing. Had to wait for 10 min, before the error went away.

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