Rate Limit Tier Upgrade with Credits

Hello, I have $2,500 credit from OpenAI I attained from a 3rd-party, however I am at tier 3 and wish to go to tier 4 since tier 3 limits are limiting my application. Does anyone know if the credit usage contributes to the tier spending requirement? Or if I have to still purchase additional funds.

You’ll need to add funds or contact support and ask if they can help.

Good luck. I hope they put something in place to fix this soon. I’m sure they will…

This was something I think Logan would have been able to nudge along while he was still with OpenAI. We should put a pin in this until we get a new Dev Rep here and kick it up the chain.

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At tier three, at the bottom of the limits page, you might now have a request exception form for bumping up limits. You can pick a model they will increase and a 2x limit, and then include a note with your full need for tier 5 to spend $2500 in your account.