Changing the limit for my account - Tier 2

I have met the Tier 2 requirements:

“Usage tier 1
Once the following criteria are met, you’ll automatically move to the next tier:
At least $50 spent on the API since account creation.
At least 7 days passed since first successful payment.”

I still have the message:

“This budget exceeds your $120.00 usage limit. Learn how to increase your limits at

When will I be able to change the limit to $500? In the Panel he writes that it is done automatically.

I’m having this issue too. Were you able to get it fixed?

If you have an amount “$120” showing, that may be a legacy monthly post paid account’s existing monthly limit.

The first thing I would check is to find what tier you are currently classified as from your past payments. This is a link into your account’s limits page.

The page will give the usage tier both at the top and the bottom. At the bottom is also the monthly maximum you are allowed. Also seen at the bottom are two boxes YOU SET YOURSELF that will cut off the account per month at a set limit. See if that $120 isn’t your own setting that can be changed.

Previously you’d have to ask for any increase in API’s $120 starting monthly amount. Many monthly accounts were automatically increased with the tier system roll out.

So finally, if you aren’t at the tier you want or deserve, you can either “buy credits”, or at the bottom of the limits page, “request an exception” for the type of increase you desire.

(Accounts that only added a payment card after August 2023 are automatically prepaid accounts - you level up solely by buying more credits and possibly waiting a bit)