Received Microsoft Founders Credits - Stuck at Tier 1


We received a $2,500 credit through the Microsoft Founders program and currently have a Tier-1 account.

We’re looking to scale up our projects and need higher limits so we can actually use the credits. We’re nearly at the $120 monthly quota already.

Someone suggested the “Request an exception” link on the billing page but we don’t have that link in our account.

The chatbot wasn’t very helpful either as it just suggested the help docs regarding limits.

Anyone know another way to increase the Tier/limits?


Hi -

In your account it should specify the requirements that must still be met in order to move to the next level. Based on my experience, the step from Tier 1 to Tier 2 was pretty straightfoward once I addressed all the formalities. Does it indicate which criteria you currently do not fulfill?

This has been manually corrected before by OpenAI staff that have come across the forum report of similar usage limit.

At the very bottom of this page is where you will find the exception link, where you should also be able to note the founders credit and needing the appropriate tier in a message:

Also near the bottom you can see your current monthly limit and the spending limits you set for yourself. $120 usage limit showing there would indicate a monthly account unaffected by the tier system yet.

Thanks for the replies.

This is what it currently shows at the bottom of our account limits page. We don’t have an “exception link”:

We have already met both requirements: Made a small deposit 10 days ago that helped move it from the Free Tier to Tier 1. Spent $80+ on the API.

It is not your usage that qualifies you for tiers, but the amount of trusted payments you have previously made, in the form of cold hard credit card payments…for example:

$50 paid and 7+ days since first successful payment = $500 / month

Others with grants have obtained immediate effect with feeding the system credits in the form of cash that takes that time to be trusted (purchasing prepay credit which expires after 1 year instead of the 6 months typical for startup grants), but I’ve left a note to see if OpenAI developer relations can do better.

You can also simultaneously send a message through the messenger, an icon at the lower right of that page. You’ll need to specifically phrase the message (received by low-tier support) as “need OpenAI staff for account tier modification” so as to not just get a weekend form letter response.

Thank you, that info is extremely helpful!

By the way, you can also use your MS Founder Azure credits for OpenAI model use (under the Azure OpenAI Service). This might be another route to explore.