Rate Limit Exceeded - How to Find Specific Reason?

Hello everyone,

My client keeps getting the following error:

“code”: “rate_limit_exceeded”,
“message”: “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.”

We have poured over all the documentation and account limits stuff, and are fairly certain we’re not even close to any of the limits.

Is there any way we can better understand what specific limit is being hit?

What is your current tier? You can see at the top of this page.

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That is a message reserved for a problem with your payments and billing. There is no funding to pay for your API call by the organization specified or associated with the API key.

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Currently it’s usage tier 1. But I looked through that tier’s limits, and don’t think I’ve hit them… But I guess I could be wrong. Do you happen to know a way to find out WHICH limit I’m hitting?

I’d go to the account billing overview, and check your available credits. Also the limits page where you can set your own hard limit to cut off usage per month.

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Ok… embarrassed to say it was an oversight on our part! Could have sworn we set “auto-recharge” but it wasn’t set up. :sweat_smile:

On the plus side: you didn’t get hit with overdraft fees!

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