Purchasing ChatGPT Plus with Pre-paid cards

Hi all,

I understand this is a Developer community but OpenAI support has been very unresponsive so this is my last resort.

I have a Vietnamese issued Visa debit card and I’ve been trying to purchase ChatGPT Plus for over a week with no success. All of my cards were declined regardless of the browser or VPN server I used. I figured this is because Vietnamese-issued cards have not yet been approved by OpenAI for purchases.

Anyway, I’m wondering whether using a pre-paid Visa card purchased from sites like vanillagift.com or giftcards.com could circumvent this issue because these cards are issued from the USA. The only problem I think might come up is recurring payments and I’m unsure on whether OpenAI accepts electronic-prepaid cards or not, if anyone knows more about this please let me know. (I don’t want to spend $50 on a card I can’t use.)

I’m having the same issue on a US visa gift card, just gets declined constantly.

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I have the same issue. Have you figure out the way to subscribe the ChatGPT Plus?

I have same issue from prepaid italian mastercard.
This is bad limitation. So i suggest to give possibility to purchase credit and not only use credit card.

I did exactly that. I bought a $50 Vanilla gift card and it doesn’t work…

I did that too, has anyone found any solution for this?
and something even more terrible happened to me I bought a 20$ visa gift card and it got accepted and I got promoted to plus but after couple of days It says my account has been deleted or deactivated
and since there is no support literally I don’t know what to do