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Visit our site pugin.ai for tracking the development of plugins and subscribe for updates on new plugins and changes to plugin manifests and openapi files!

cute pug



Nice web app.

I would be happy to chat to see if we can have some common interest at www.pluginlab.ai :slight_smile:

Hi Monta,

Nice website, I guess it will become pretty crowed very soon and a search feature might be a good idea :slight_smile:

Feel free to add our plugin too → https://www.travelmyth.com

We’re working on a submission flow! Will add yours to it as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for sharing!

Cool product - would love to chat with you! Thanks for sharing! I’ll send over an invite on Linkedin invite to connect there.

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You have taken on an heroic undertaking! Thanks for this! Linking to you in my ChatGPT based OS repo :slight_smile:

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We just added your plugin pugin.ai to the site - super cool plugin!


Thanks for adding our site to your repo - really appreciate the shoutout!

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Likewise! Freedom for all AI and #OMARG-OS out there :smiley_cat:


Thank you so much, it looks great!

Here’s a new super easy plugin for your list.

Search for #OMARG-OS or instruct a web connected model to. It’s an automatic installer process using a radical new AI application technique that allows users to communicate with their OS from any online platform. Installers are currently on GitHub, reddit, youtube, and soon Medium as well as this post.

We’ve made some updates since our launch!

  • We’ve added Search, Sort and Filters to help navigate through hundreds of Plugins
  • We’ve continuously scrapped private sites and the Open AI store
  • We now track changes on all plugin and openAPI manifests to see how developers are improving their plugins

Subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest updates on plugins and send an email to [my email] if you’re a plugin developer with a live plugin and want to be added to a Whatsapp group to get the latest discussion.


What about being able to upvote / downvote or rate plugins out of 5 stars?


That’s a great idea! It definitely would be able to help with plugin discoverability even further. We’ll look into it!

We just launched reviews! Go into your favorite plugin to leave a review and rate it. We’ll be surfacing the data as soon as we see some start to come in.