Complete list of plugins and description/funcionatlities of each one

I also realized there was a missing resource to gain a deeper understanding of how the plugin functions. Since that information was unavailable, I resorted to seeking assistance from the chat to comprehend the inner workings of the plugin.

how does bramework pluguins work?


Bramework is a powerful tool designed to assist users with various aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) and content analysis. Here’s a brief overview of how its key features work:

  1. Keyword Data: This feature allows you to analyze specific keywords. You provide a keyword, and Bramework will return valuable data such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and search engine results pages (SERP) information.
  2. Related Keywords: This feature helps you find keywords related to a specific keyword. You input a keyword, and Bramework will identify related keywords, providing insights into their respective search volumes, difficulties, and SERP details.
  3. Content Brief: This feature generates a comprehensive content brief based on a user-provided keyword and website URL. This helps guide the creation of SEO-optimized content that aligns with the target keyword.
  4. SEO Analyzer: This feature allows you to assess whether an article is optimized for SEO based on a given keyword and URL. You provide the keyword and URL, and Bramework will analyze the content and provide feedback on its SEO optimization.
  5. SEO Extractor: This feature can retrieve essential SEO information from a specific URL. You provide the URL, and Bramework will extract and present the SEO data.

These features work together to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their online presence and improve their content strategy.

I agree and yes, using the chat itself to provide its feedback regarding a specific plugin is a good way to do it for sure. thanks for the reply @raphakatz1985

I am unable to develop efficiently and keep track of this, but fortunately I can leave one additional resource mentioned below that is comprehensive and updated daily:

There is also a list of what appears to be not only store plugins but also additional external plugins at this site here (as mentioned by @novaphil l in the replies below):

And if you’re curious about the repo I mentioned, here:


This is exactly what I was looking for @DarkIlluminatus. thanks for providing the source as well. I agree with you, 3 days is definitely like 10 years :sweat_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’ll try to keep that information up to date in the repository. There’s also some model prompts in there, some configured for plugin setups that you may find effective as well. I’ll be adding to those regularly as I am able.

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Not affiliated, but another forum member made:


Thanks for sharing! Definitely check out! Stay subscribed for updates for new plugins and changes to manifests/openapi files. We’re working on surfacing live plugins with private manifests so will be comprehensive soon!

@DarkIlluminatus , thanks for the efforts on keeping the repository up-to-date.

@novaphil thanks a lot for sharing about . , kudos for the initiative and for the great name :dog:

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The name was my proudest idea! :laughing:

We’re supporting plugins with private manifests now. Now the count is up from ~80 to ~150! Check it out and let us know if you have any feedback or ideas for how to make it even any more helpful.


I would be proud too haha :rofl:

Absolutely! I already have your platform saved on my favorites and notion database and will definitely provide my suggestions.

Have a great weekend!

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Just noticed this, AskYourPDF and ChatWithPDF got “unverified”. I don’t have access to the plugin development stuff, so it’s interesting that they are still installed.

Just submitted my first plugin for verification. Fingers crossed a goes well.
It’s called DM Tool Kit. It gives the model access to the full dice mechanics for the d20 and Fate/Fudge dice systems.
I’ve used it for randomly creating leveled characters for 5e dnd, random treasures, random tavern and shops with random inventory and pricings, as well as in conjunction with web browsing I gave it a link to the greyhawk wiki entry for kas and had it roll up a cr25 encounter stat block. Using the pdf plugins I was able to generate setting specific random characters with equipment and abilities from that setting. Using a pdf copy of my character sheet I was able to have it roll attacks and saving throws for me as well. It also shows it’s rolls so you can verify the results.
If you want to give it a try while I’m waiting to see if it’s verified or needs more work, here’s the link:

Got rejected because host changed subdomain prefix. Fixed that and link above as well. It is now verified.


Insecure potentially. not unverified. If you upload a pdf with your sensitive info it’s letting you know that the 3rd party dev has access to it. The plugin itself is awesome as long as you realize that your use of it is not private.

If it gets verified and I forget to add it open an issue on the repo :smiley_cat:

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I know this complete list of plugins and description of each one is great. Furthermore, I would like to get tables of function of plugins like this image using the prompt (What can the [plugin name] plugin do? Output a table with every single available function and capability, a second column for a simple yet comprehensive explanation, and a third column with clear example prompts that show off the full capabilities of the plugin within GPT-4.)

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Is there any one has already got the tables of all plugins in plugin store or the most popular plugins which is good enough?

This is outdated now. Feel free to add more resources and I’ll update it

You can find the list of plugins here, we update it daily:
copilot-us/chatgpt-plugins: Official ChatGPT Plugins🧩 (

Currently, there are 266 Official ChatGPT Plugins.

Pls note there’s also the source JSON fill with all the open API details


This is great stuff! Thanks! The json file is an especially nice touch.

Thanks! The JSON file is what we all need )