Satisfied with the traction of your plugin?

Dear all! We’re considering to launch a plugin and have been granted plugin development access. However, we’re unsure about whether it really makes sense for us. The plugin hype seems to have faded a bit… What do you guys think? Maybe, could some of you who already have a plugin “live” share what traction they’re experiencing and how satisfied they are with the user stats they see? Would be really great to hear your opinions on this, thanks in advance!

Bad news first:

The plugin store looks amateurish. Hard to browse it, harder to know the availability of the goodies in the store, and hardest to get your plugins marketed to the general public. The conventional search engines cannot find them; the semantic search engines cannot get the real time store data to vectorize them. In short, if your web apps are popular, they will remain so after you publish their plugin versions; otherwise, they will remain obscure.

Now the good news (mind you, it’s limitless. I cannot exhibit all of it.):

The plugin gives your apps an AI interface that drastically improves the user’s productivity. Don’t be fooled by those flashy hotel booking or toy Fibonacci plugins. There is much more than that. I can give you a few examples.

Just imagine you are doing quantum computing research and want to have a circuit for Shor’s algorithm. I challenge you to get it quickly. You will need to download the documentation, read it, learn it, download the API, run it, blah, blah…now, if you will, you can tell everybody how long it would take to accomplish that.

We made a plugin. You only need it to ask ChatGPT: Give me a quantum circuit to factor 250019000261. You will get a full-blown annotated QASM circuit, while drinking coffee at your kitchen table. If IBM had made its own plugin (and succeeded in their large Qubit machines), that circuit would be automatically executed and you could get your factored 2 prime numbers, before you finish your coffee. The point is that very sophisticated technology can be totally democratized and made easily accessible to everyone.

We can also try literally rocket science. You specify only the geometry of your car, the plugin will tell you its aerodynamics. You can tell the system in plain English to streamline it to produce the least resistance.

We can also literally “speak” to the ChatGPT/plugins to guide stochastic testing to produce an optimal result.

I won’t go on and on here. You’ve got the idea. In conclusion, any web apps without an AI interface will go extinct.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, that was very valuable!