Prototyping C# / Unity game

I am working on a game played on the web using Unity / C# and GPT

This is a game I tried to build 12 years ago and it was not possible because of the complicated logic and immense data it needed.

This is a non-competive game, it is a creation of beauty and high aesthetics and deep meaning in a beautiful game. The images I’ve created are very cosmic, ethereal and spiritual in a way.

I now have it working in a very simple way in the GPT-4 . I will be looking to startup a company . First I need someone to do about 4 hours in Unity to develop 2 screens … I have graphic / images of what they look like. I need someone fluent in 3D Unity and I’ll handle the GPT-4 programming .

I will pay someone for 4 hours … to create this in Unity 3D and then we can discuss the future path.

25 years of programming experience, author of 7 technical books and 70 technical articles printed in the leading technical magazines. I will attract attention if this demo is great. Beauty is the first requirement.


I am David McClanahan at

I’ll send you some images today and some descriptions about the minimum I need for just a simple demo of thelook of the game

Thanks for the offer , if it works out and I some investors , you could be part of that if you like.

more later thanks david

Hi Thanks. Is the following enough to start?

This would be the opening scene and then the people move apart and let us see the globe unblocked
you don’t need to do all that …
So you can just create the globe floating in space for now

Here some slides that show later transformations (you need not do theses)
(i think you may need to use the arrow keys to step trhough these images

1st thing I want is the Globe in the first picture … If we removed the people and the seat
create just that Globe in space … as much as that as possible

2nd Need that to transform into another simplier version of the globe … when the inside of the globe is emptied

The player picks an ICON (described next) WITH THE PC Mouse and places it somewhere inside the globe . So the player can move to the globe, reach in or go inside and and place the ICON anywhere.
The ICON floats where it was left , but slowly rotates in place … The globe can be expanded or contracted and rotated

The icon for now can look simply like a keychain picture (without the chain)

so these are examples of Beethoven , Mona Lisa , the Louvre, Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, The Thinker , could be anything Eiffel Tower,

Put the picture on both sides (( an there need to be a popup of description . like a tooltip popup with the title of each icon.

In the game I’ll want a more interesting 3D shape maybe like a diamond shape at the bottom of that webpage (but 3d)

but now just that coin shape is ok

LIST OF ICONS for the player to choose from:
So there needs to be a set of these ICONs in front of the player (at the bottom or side of the screen)
each player in turn picks up one and places the ICON into the Globe

The last step is Sometimes there are special relationships between icons so (ithe game adds) the a Solid Ray of LIght (a light line of various colors and thickness and brightness) gets drawn between two of the ICONS

So Beethoven would have a LIGHT LINE to “Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony” if both had been placed inside … And If Napoleon was placed inside the globe , there would be a LIGHT LINE from Napeleon to “Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony”

So the goals are 1. The Globe 2. The icons displayed for choice 3. Picking and placing an ICON in the Globe and 4 LIGHT_LINES get connected between some (only some) of the ICON

NEXT revision future
The user can create any ICON … by browsing the web and finding an image and a description and then create a new ICON
ICON - image

  • title (name)
  • description (short description like a dictionary would have)
  • categories (artist, music, art work, building etc.)

LET ME know if this is reasonable … I’ve worked with Unity enough and am guessing most of this can be done in 4 hours … if you don’t agree let me know … THANKs
this is a game I’ve been designing in my mind for years … when I have something to show I have some interested investors that I’ll present to. I also intend to develop commercial AI Personal Apps and other software.
thanks David McClanahan

Hello, I am an experienced developer, have you completed this project? Are you looking to hire anyone at the moment?
My portfolio is on my company website.

E-Mail anytime:

Thanks. -Dakota
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