Looking for Head of AI to join groundbreaking intelligent NFT entertainment project

Our company recently signed a deal with a top blockchain gaming platform to release a revolutionary intelligent NFT entertainment project that combines AI and interactive entertainment in new and exciting ways.

We’re currently growing the company and looking for a Head of AI. At a high-level, we want someone with the following skillset:

  • Strong AI/Deep Learning experience (ideally familiarity with GPT-3)
  • 7+ years of professional coding experience
  • Strong management/people skills (ability to communicate/motivate team members and interface with executives)
  • Computer science degree or equivalent
  • C# (ideally)
  • Unity (ideally)
  • Experience developing machine learning models/automation (ideally)

We’d love to hear from you!

(Our site will be coming soon! For now: https://www.weaverinteractive.com/)

How much funding do you have?

For sure. We added our URL above. Full site coming soon!

Our launch project is fully funded. We can disclose more on our funding with candidates. Thanks for the comment.

Hi ,I am Nathan Cottle.
I have heaps of digital designs to make into NFTs if needed ,it was something I was thinking of doing myself.