OpenAI GPT-3 Software Engineer for Stealth Project

New AI startup company seeking a Software Engineer with GPT-3 experience. CEO just sold company founded and ran for 20 years and starting new venture. Enough work for Full Time but can work remote on contract basis around your schedule. CEO and company based in Malibu, CA. If interested, please respond to questions below. Thanks.

1 - Current Location

2 - Hourly Rate

3 - Experience w/ GPT3 and Other AI

4 - Any Apps or Websites Previously Developed

5 - Hours willing to work per week

6 - Linkedin and other social media accounts

I saw an identical post on Reddit. You’ll need to tell us a bit more. What is your idea?


Hi Dave, sorry for the delay. The CEO is looking to develop an educational AI project and looking for a software engineer to lead the project. We are being very close to the chest but if provide me a number and best times to reach you I will have our CEO or head of tech Daniel reach out. Here is a little background on our CEO ( Ok, look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers.

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Cool, thanks for the insight. I am in the final stages of getting my AGI book published, so as soon as that is out I will send you a link and we can follow up from there. If you and the CEO like my work, maybe we can work together.

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I know I just posted on another form but I have had optimal learning with HTML5, Python and basic ai. FlamesLLC is my company @FlamesLLC on GitHub We are working on a fine tuned prompt that uses GPT like products to work on and get results for the best job (EX. AI Prompts, data science). Best of luck. - Rina

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