Looking for a developer to create fine tuned AI model using Chat GPT3 for a project related to the legal field

I am an attorney and see tremendous potential for using Chat GPT and leveraging it with existing programs and datasets to create a program or suite of programs that can help with an array of tasks. I would like to create a writing style model, document production, valuation calculator, question generator, negotiation assistant, and a whole host of other functions that are all tied together in an interface that is run by Chat GPT

I know this is an ambitious project, but I also know it is doable. I have a specific set of data that I would like to use in order to train the model. I have a general outline of how I would like to accomplish this after some research but the nuts and bolts are beyond my ability.

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Yep, there is great usage for all these :slight_smile:

Start small, be specific, and don’t listen to founder/dev hype (unless you have too much cash to sling around) ^^

Hi @arta

Your request checks a few necessary boxes for me. Your target market and experience are aligned. You have specific features in mind. And if the data you mentioned is proprietary, hat trick!

It would be great to discuss this further and offer my assistance if it seems a good fit.

You can schedule a call with me using this link Boost Your Business with AI - OpenAI Integration Consulting - WFH Brian

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thank you for your reply and I agree wholeheartedly. My biggest problem has been finding someone to work with on the project that can corral all the different available and mostly free resources that are out there.

My goal is just to create a working model for my own use. there is enough utility in a program like this for me that selling it on large scale is a secondary concern and one that can be great way to lose sight of building a working program


thank you for your reply. I’ve set up a meeting with you through your link, but if you have some time to speak sooner I am open to that as well.

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Hi @arta, still looking for developers?