Looking for GPT-3 developer

Hello! We are two Sydney-based academics looking for assistance in prototyping a research and teaching tool. We have a modest budget to cover short-term contract work. Get in touch if you’re interested!


Hi Emma! I am a developer with many years of experience ready to get my toes wet with some AI-related work. I am very interested in your project. Please send me a PM with more details.

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Here’s my resume for GPT-3 https://youtube.com/c/DavidShapiroAutomator

Let me know if you’re interested in my help


Thanks, Dave. I’ve just reached out to you via LinkedIn. Best, EJ


Is this opportunity still available?
We are transportation company based in us and looking for gpt3 developer

Sorry, no. I am no longer taking clients.

Thank you Dave for the reply. Appreciate that.

If I can ask u a question.

Basically I’ve met openAi and GPT3 just recently. And i am quite astonished by the possibilities.
Straight forward I started thinking how can implement it in our business.
We run a transportation company & right now we are building a software which will connect all the players in the market and make their work more easy.

So I was wondering…
Can i build up a system of micro services where Ai would help me to browse through the data and by request give me some specific answers (total mileage done by any driver, monthly payments and so on. I’am collecting all of this date already), implement it in our chat as a virtual assistant who will give answers to ppl according to what I will feed the AI (I’ve got my own book of knowledge about the job, there are governmental documents, data from the market) and things like that?

is GPT3 capable of completing tasks like this for me(collecting info from source, structurizing it, giving analyzed information from collected info, read PDFs and maybe compiling them)?

If you could bring some light on the matter of usability of GPT3
thank u))

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Depends on how your data is stored. Some folks have worked on natural language chatbots that can produce SQL queries. That’s not my forte, though. In principle, yes, everything is possible.

Hey @nrdbvg, I’m currently developing a product that’s aiming to do something similar to what you describe. I’d be very happy to chat to see how well it overlaps with your ideas. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, or on email ([my username here]@gmail.com) :slight_smile: