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Fellow Builders for Good,

Goal: Please use this topic to collaborate and share ideas for anyone who wants to use GPT/AI to help others.

Me: Professionally, I sometimes advocate for people with disabilities. It’s a small but important part of why I enjoy my career. I care.

My GPT: I pulled together a GPT that I tried to make well informed about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and help people like you, understand your rights as an employee.

ADA Chatbot (GPT)

It contains official government publications including material from the DOJ, EEOC, DOL, JAN and one other federal publication.

Call to Action: For anyone with any prosocial work who thinks my GPT is doing a good a job on employee rights under the ADA, I would be happy to teach you how to replicate my template for your cause.

Most people employed in the US work for a company that is obligated to provide what the law called “reasonable accommodations” to someone with a disability (which the law also defines). There are few circumstances where they can say no. I would guess most employees that qualify do not ask and I would guess that many employers simply say no. That means people who deserve help go without it. Education, instructions, accessible answers can change that.

ADD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities, Vison/Hearing Impairment all normally qualify for accommodations.

If your US employer has 15 or more employees, know your rights. While my GPT is not providing legal advice, GPT-4 on top of 200 pages from selected governments publications is a powerful tool for good.


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