Meeting Part of OpenAI's goal: - help for the disabled and disadvanataged

First of all for making such an incredible tool that could be a very positive game changer for OpenAI. If this topic has already been posted, you have my apologies as I have a disability that affects my cognitive abilities. As a side note, my user-name comes from an inside joke. I am a firm believer in the mission that OpenAI has in helping humanity. So, I understand that OpenAI has to earn money for further R&D. I believe they aren’t mutually exclusive. Maybe, one way to silent the critics who unfairly state that OpenAI is being greedy and not trying to follow their original mission, would be to make a concerted effort to provide a program for those who can prove that they are in need similar to what Amazon does with Amazon prime and offer it for free or a lower fee (although $20 is very generous for the benefits). This can be verified by various means such as Medicaid/SSDI etc.More importantly, please do everything you can to make sure that the disadvantaged and disabled at least have an even-field opportunity to take advantage of this ground-breaking technology will change the world. Often though it is the super rich who quickly buy their way into monopolizing are creating huge pay (like $100+) that leave out these people. Also, special plugins and features of Chat GPT could greatly help humanity. I know this may sound very self-serving but, it’s more for my children’s future than mine and I believe it will benefit everybody to have an even play field, so-to-speak.