Help me about this case too many phone request

Hi everyone, I am newbie in OpenAI. I have one problem when I tried sign up with new account. After finished by phone number, I tried register to verify my phone number but I tried many times, it still pass and Now it give me some error.
Show some one else help me. What should I do for this case. Please, check my picture to see more detail.
Thank a lot and Have a nice days.


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Did you wait and try again later or contact support?

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it happen with me too what we should do

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Yes, I tried resend code but it doesn’t work now, please check for me.

My girl still waiting 4 the verification number phone

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I wait it for a whole day, please tell me what should we do.


I met the same problem too ,how can i solve it.

You should contact OpenAI support directly at because this community is a developer community for OpenAI API developers to develop code and applications and it’s not the OpenAI customer support site.

Contact OpenAI here for support:



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Revisit the openAI website in a new tab of the broswer,login again,I tried,it’s working by this way!

If you have account related issues, please reach out to support at