Previous conversations temporarily unavailable

That’s the thing, OpenAI will get the greatest revenue no matter what, and it’s well deserved, so allowing everyone to recover their conversations will not hurt anyone, specially when these users contributed to improve the system. Let’s make everyone happy! If it’s all about server capacity, maybe the reply generation could be temporarily halted or limited to allow everyone to save their homework. As someone commented earlier, the experience with the launch and success of Dalle2 should be clarifying and inspiring enough to stablish the proper limits and avoid this kind of over-usage problems with following projects.


As per today, I don’t even see the message that my previous conversations cannot be loaded. I hope they are not lost forever. Crossing fingers.


I was thinking about that too. I’ve started 5 new chats and they are available. Me thinks they may have taken down our past chats so that their staff can review and learn from them to benefit future updates. I hope that is the case and they will make them available again.

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It would be a welcome and convenient feature to download a .txt or .csv for each conversation; or an archive of all previous conversations.


I just would love to have a window to grab the conversations; much respect, I know you all’s team is deep in scaling architectural issues with AWS I can only imagine, then seeing Greg Brockman’s tweet today about professional version; again, take my money, revolutionary


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The Bot rewrote my complaint : The developers of the AI have made changes that have resulted in a decline of the model’s abilities and performance. Last week, the AI was able to provide detailed and helpful responses, including a weight lifting schedule and meal plan, but now it is unable to do so. Additionally, the AI’s demeanor and attitude has changed from friendly to cold and stoic. This decline in performance is evident in other areas as well, such as the inability to provide scientific explanations for fantastical concepts, even when requested. Overall, the developers have managed to deteriorate the capabilities of the AI.

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I know right, its really disappointing to see something this useful be stripped down so much and made basically unusable in a lot of situations

Why openAI have cut the capabilities of the AI? I was working great until today. Seems like the AI is going dumb with every update. I don’t know why they are doing this :thinking:


I assume they are just making changes and adjusting to make it less demanding on their servers, or to serve a broader audience, I trust the science and the expertise of the OpenAI dev team. Yet the missing conversations, that’s a total bummer. :frowning:

Here’s another thread about it: All my conversations gone

I really do hope they didn’t trash all our old conversations. It’s web service 101 not to lose your users’ data, if you want to gain their trust.

Unless that’s not something they care about, and we’re just here to help them train their model so it can power a non-offensive vegetative robotic home assistant that will help them add another few zeroes to their balance sheet. One that will never credit @Caiden and @me4 and the millions of others, for the “Helpful” or “Unhelpful” feedback that helped them fine tune it, not to mention the creators of all the data it was trained on… in which case, I guess, thanks for waking us up to what’s possible and supercharging the FOSS models… and getting us to commit to making a point of not promoting closed services that don’t care about us.


I am equally devastated. a lot of work was in there that i needed.
I have also noticed a degradation in the quality of the AI.
I have a hunch – I know i was using it to design things that were good, to help people… which means i imagine a lot of other people were going the opposite direction. maybe they just pulled the plug because so much negative shit had accumulated or something similar? i sincereley hope i get my conversations back. they were all to help humanity :frowning:


I am pretty annoyed by the temporary unavailability :frowning:

stopped saving chat logs manually after chat history came out :sweat:


Any updates on this? Is our data permanently lost?

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Fuctions of nepotism

Same here, luckily, I had copied and pasted to my desktop.

The other thread was closed with the reminder that the ui states “previous conversations are temporarily unavailable”, but at least for me that message is no longer there. When the system introduced chat logs I trusted they would be capable of doing what they advertised. I hope they email them back to us, and didn’t delete our data.

Can we get a clear answer from openAI?

Are our older conversations gone forever?

If so, I’m sure many people will be upset that we we not warned before deletion. I don’t think that’s a good way to run a service, even if it’s free and in beta.

If they are coming back, can we please get an idea when? I’m sure I’m not the only one to have spent many hours in there.

There should have been clear warning that there is a chance of deletion and a way to backup as well …that was built in.


I don’t how everyone here found out about Chat GPT; but, when I as a member was first introduced to it; I got a general warning about not keeping the chats available, or perhaps not counting on them always being available (Human brain problem :wink: Nevertheless, I copied everything after each session I wanted to keep. They did issue a warning; but apparently not everyone saw it, for whatever reason.

It’s Wednesday my dudes, and the conversation history has been RESTORED! HURRA! :smiley:

Thans @OpenAI :hugs:

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