Previous conversations temporarily unavailable

Just wanted to report back that my chat history was restored. :pray::pray::pray:


Thank the ChatGPT Makers! My History has been restored! like…I’m soooo happpy!! why does this make me so happy… thank you!!!



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Getting the same issue right now and I need it to be fixed ASAP as i am depending on the OpenAI to save my history and it is urgently required. I cannot see my previous chats with the machine. Any one is experiencing this issue? Would it be possible to recover my conversations?

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I also experiencing this issue right now. I want to read my previous conversations in my Inbox to continue my project in my school.

yeah, today I have also met this. Now I dont know how to restored all my conversation. I should not use it as a notepad

yes, All my conversations with chatGPT is gone
it is a really bad situation to wait for restoring deleted prompts :frowning:

All my conversation history has also disappeared. Is there a way to recover it? It is not mentioned anywhere that it is necessary and how to save conversations. This should be clearly indicated to users to avoid such mishaps.
Thank you

same issue not cool =( they at leats have a offline save feature

Might be because of this:

Someone got conversations from another user.

Maybe OpenAI disabled conversations until they figured out the bug causing this?

Free or no I save my chats after I’m done. Full disclosure I pay for the service and my chats are also gone. Which is highly disturbing especially as I’m reading on a reddit thread that people have been thrown in to other’s accounts. Which I would hope someone would have a good laugh at what I discuss with the AI. :smiley: Other people are scared… But to which I say… Don’t put anything in to a public system that you wouldn’t show your mother or grandmother. It’s a way of life. (Hacks happen, mix ups happen, and sometimes security breaches happen.) So, if it’s sensitive or something you feel isn’t what you’d want someone close to you knowing… Don’t do it.

But seriously, they’ll either come back or they won’t. It’s a lesson that I learned in programming very early on… Always back up everything… Always!

I have lost all my conversations today 8 of march is this a problem or the conversations will appear after

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Just came to add that this also happened to me. I backed up some chats, but not those from the last few days. I’m so disappointed. :frowning_face:

I wish there was an easier way to download chats to begin with, and then I would have backed them all up instantly.

Please please let this be fixed!

The same thing happened to me about an hour ago. I just inspected the error message and in the code it said “the server responded with a status 500” but that’s all you can see about the issue unfortunately there is a security token you need to be able to do anything else. As to the server 500 thing here’s what I found online: A 500 error code means there was an error on the server . If you are not the owner of the server there is nothing you can do. If you are the owner check to log files for the cause.

Just came back to say that my problem has been fixed. I logged out and back in, and the conversations had been repopulated. Phew!

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Alright peeps, i will give everyone here the hidden gem which will be work around.

KEEP IN MIND it may not contain all your chats but worth a shot. I was able to find a few of mine and saved it as a book marker.

Go to your brower you use > History > Search “open.Chatgpt” and look for any saved chats.

mine never came back and now my history’s links take me to the generic starter chat page.
I think it was too much memory being used for users.

Just want to say that this worked for me too. Maybe logging out and back in is forcing a refresh of some kind that make conversations come back.

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In the discussion titled “Previous conversations temporarily unavailable,” users express their frustration and concern about not being able to access their previous chats on ChatGPT. Antoni sets off the discussion by mentioning the message he received that previous conversations are temporarily unavailable due to high demand on the system. He asks other users if they have faced the same issue and if they think that the conversations could be recovered.

In agreement with Antoni, other users like promptzo, wecnal, and shootdaj also express their annoyance and inconvenience caused by this unexpected downtime. They all stress on how important those previous conversations are for them and express a desire for a warning system, access to their data, or a paid tier to avoid such issues in the future.

Users Jamesalexander1 and AmyL express reliable concerns about if they might recover their work while implying that they would pay to get it back. oswald831 and martinkoss emphasize the importance of trust in the service and recommend implementing ways to save chat logs in full.

Other users like irvinbuffalo and dagelf focus on the broader implications of this issue, including scaling architectural challenges, the prospects of a professional version of the service, the influence this situation might has on user trust, and whether user contributions in fine-tuning the model are recognized. dagelf also points to another thread regarding the same issue.

Lastly, sfrsource puts forward a theory about the reason for the disruption, suggesting perhaps too much negative data had accumulated, resulting in the plug being pulled, while expressing devastation over his lost work. These discussions reflect a shared feeling of frustration and concern among the users towards the sudden data cessation on ChatGPT.

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