Previous conversations temporarily unavailable

Here’s another thread about it: All my conversations gone

I really do hope they didn’t trash all our old conversations. It’s web service 101 not to lose your users’ data, if you want to gain their trust.

Unless that’s not something they care about, and we’re just here to help them train their model so it can power a non-offensive vegetative robotic home assistant that will help them add another few zeroes to their balance sheet. One that will never credit @Caiden and @me4 and the millions of others, for the “Helpful” or “Unhelpful” feedback that helped them fine tune it, not to mention the creators of all the data it was trained on… in which case, I guess, thanks for waking us up to what’s possible and supercharging the FOSS models… and getting us to commit to making a point of not promoting closed services that don’t care about us.