[Plugin Request] - Docs / repo crawler

Before I set of writing something on my own I thought I’d ask. Has anyone created a plugin that can ingest a technical docs site and code examples repo?

My use case is this - we have a Slack bot written in BoltJS that uses ChatGPT for any non-canned responses. We would love to use this bot as a front line help desk that could answer simple questions and provide code samples for new users.

Little more context:

The docs are stored in gitbook (or a simple github repo)
The code examples are stored in public github repos.

Can’t remember where but I’ve definitely seen this as a standalone product somewhere. Lots of “chatbot for docs” these days.

Haven’t heard anyone building this as a plugin yet, but ChatGPT might do something like that itself soon. Check out this video from Brockman: The Inside Story of ChatGPT’s Astonishing Potential | Greg Brockman | TED - YouTube

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Google or bing query => site:technical-docs.com technical-keyword-description...

ChatGPT can understand if you ask, just search the technical website … I created retrieval plugins using google results >> GitHub - kevinamiri/chatgpt-plugin-googlesearch: A Typescript Example of ChatGPT plugin for Express.js ( Google search, extract and retrieve )

I couldn’t find a reason to vectorize the public documents.

Looks interesting, I’ll probably just wait until OpenAI releases something official. We need something that’s easy to install and supported.

Checked out the plug-in and love your site. I’ve thought of vectorizing some of the public repos documentation for a bot that helps code because it could then make custom examples eventually if code snippets eventually get semantically or otherwise searched and presented together. Would be cool to see custom cards being printed with code from a couple different brand new libraries.

Is this the plugin I need to do this: Plugin to read GitHub source Code?

Recombinant AI (mine) or AskYourCode. Theres 4 of us on the store that can do what you guys are talking about.

There are 4 or 5 codebase plugins on the store, including mine (Recombinant AI).

Theyre all designed to take a public github repo and answer questions. I use my own to iterate and improve my plugin itself. You can point it at any public github (and I’ve almost got gitlab projects fully implemented) and ask it whatever. Check it out at Recombinant.ai

Ah-hah. That’s what I missed. The projects I am trying to access are on gitlab (git.drupalcode.org). Let me know when you get it implemented!

Haha just saw this. Ive got a note to keep you updated. If you want, head to Recombinant.ai and shoot me your contact info and ill add you to my list!