Is it possible? 5 endpoints to chat with your code and create merge requests?

Step 1:

Enter your github repo url.

Step 2:

Checkout the code.

Step 3:

Take a deep breath and go into recursive directory iteration to get a general idea about the projects structure.

Step 4:

For each file ask gpt-4: what does this code do, please summarize into 3 sentences.

Step 5:

Recursivly for each directory take the summaries of the files (and sub directories) and ask gpt-4: what does this directory do? Please summarize into one sentence

Step 6:

On ChatGPT activate the plugin with 5 endpoint:

  • Endpoint 1: list of files with description of first level - takes a parameter “path”
  • Endpoint 2: give me a list of methods with a 1 sentence description for each - parameter “path”
  • Endpoint 3: give me the code of a file - parameter “path”
  • Endpoint 4: give me the next error from the error log (add as much as possible)
  • Endpoint 5: save the code - takes two parameters (path and code) - will create a new branch, a commit and a merge request

Yes or no no?

Just use my plugin on the store Recombinant AI. I haven’t activated and write permissions yet. Getting into actually having the platform manage code remotely isn’t a line I want to toe… But yeah, you’re describing exactly what my plugin does. I don’t use extra summarization calls plugin side though because that costs money and ChatGPT can handle it itself.

AskYourCode is another great option, but they are off the store for a tiny bit to add oauth.

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Yeah, sure that’s another book to read or two.

Hi @jochenschultz, you might be interested in the schema for my plugin Codeulator, which has similar functionality:

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