How do you use the code plugins?

I use chatgpt to enhance my coding experience. I see there are two plugins, “ask your code”, and “chat with code”. That laad me to the knowledge that I absolutely can’t find any documentation on how to use these plugins. I asked chatgpt, and all I got was general responses. Am I wasting my time at this point in the plugin game? My idea was that I could point the plugin to a local project or github and ask it queries or ask it to write stuff.

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Not sure about “ask your code”
(might look in the Discord Plugin channel OpenAI)
but you can go here for “chat with code”

You’re in luck! Unless you don’t have plugin dev access… Otherwise:

Recombinant-AI is your best bet, or your money back :wink:

This one’s mine, and I’m doing my best to set my stuff apart by being transparent. I have a list of endpoints on my site, and I’ve got a status message endpoint that ChatGPT will 7/10 times pull whenever it makes a mistake. For all the other times you can just ask for its status messages and it’ll explain the last 10-15 events.

I’m also active on all these channels and can answer any technical issues you’ve got!

The kicker is that I’m not approved on the store yet…see my other thread haha. But I’m confident I will be shortly. If anyone wants to try it out, I don’t think I’m past the 15 dev limit.

The main purpose of mine was to make myself a tool that would help me sequence entire repos and make holistic changes across a codebase. I only started learning to code back at the beginning of the year, and realized that the fastest way for me to learn would be to code something that could teach me.

More importantly, I’m focused on building an agent that can read its own source code and perform updates, refactors, suggested improvements, iterative self-eval…yada yada. So being able to use ChatGPT as a natural language IDE seemed like the easy route for newbie like me!

Basically I built Recombinant-AI™ with itself by using the quick-start suggestions, putting it on git, deploying on Replit. Wash, rinse, repeat.