Seeking Documentation for Publicly Available Plugins

Hey all,

I’ve been messing around with the public plugins (they’re fantastic!), but sometimes I get results I don’t expect. I’ve been looking for a user guide or documentation to help me, but I can’t find anything.

Is there documentation available for these plugins?

Or, if you’ve had similar experiences, how did you figure things out? I have had luck reading the errors the plugins return to some extent.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give! :slight_smile:

It’s a lot of trial and error.

This is the official documentation. It’s very good.

A couple of other resources available now:

Good luck, and feel free to ask questions if you get stuck.


Great thanks for that! Logans repo is what I was looking for!

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When it comes to the available plugin’s and their use-cases, the best is to activate the plugin and ask ChatGPT: “Provide me help using plugin [pluginname] and their functionality. Provide some simple examples on how to use [pluginname].”

Exchange the placeholder with the plugin you are interested in.

Sure, it will be very helpful if the developers of the plugin’s have at least a /help endpoint for usability.

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Here’s the JSON list of all official ChatGPT plugins, with manifests and OpenAPI definitions:
Official ChatGPT plugins

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Thanks for the replies! These have been very useful. I think eventually plugins will become seamless, we will just get responses that best suit the query.

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We host all manifests and open API files (if public) on OpenAI on! We also have private ones that were discovered too. Let us know if that’s helpful or what else would be helpful!


How/where did you get all the manifests and API defs?

I see a lot of plugins in the dropdown I have tried many of them and so far about 2% success rate. It feels more like its just phishing for email addresses or auths but none of them work no matter what their documentation says. I pay the stupid $20 a month I have had ChatGPT since first BETA opened and it was free, and so far the plugins are the biggest disappointment. I like the idea of being able to create our own. I haven’t been able to get anyone’s to work either, just sadness and frustration. And not the fun kind of frustration either the f- it kind. If someone has some idea why it seems every loves these and I would rather write my own prompts and save them in a google sheet or note pad as it is more effective , I will take any advice I don’t have too much ego to think I am missing something obvious. thanks