Interact with your Rails app source code

So I’ve hacked together a controller and the config required to wire up to ChatGPT and this thing works wonderfully for getting ChatGPT to talk to me about and understand my codebase. it took very little time to get something really useful together

It’ll fall over after a brief while due to context I guess. But you can kind of do a pomodoro’s worth of work with it and it’s like having a really intelligent pairing partner. It’s also a good way to gather your thoughts before starting a piece of work. Have an in depth conversation about the code, and have it explore complex codebases finding the relevant pieces.

I was thinking of also getting it to submit git patches too.

The thing I’ve been thinking is it’s quite a shame to not be able to share with others, as there’s no auth or monetisation, so I couldn’t bankroll tunneling for anyone that wants to play with it

It’s also a shame to only be able to share with people who have developer access. I mean I can stick up a gist, and say configure your app like this, but it feels a bit janky.

I feel like there’s probably a bunch of ideas like this where you want to give it controlled access to parts of your local environment e.g. for dev work, and it’d be a pretty common workflow for people.

Is there any kind of solution out there I’m not seeing that someone can think of for making this available for people in a better way? Although what I’ve built is Rails specific, it’s obviously the kind of approach that could also work for other languages and technologies too.

Open source it and put it on GitHub with instructions on how to use it.

Yeah that’s the only thing I could think of too. It’s not an ideal solution though as nobody else in my company has developer access yet.

I suppose the proper implementation of this may end up being done by GitHub fully integrating GPT.

It’s been for me probably the most compelling development experience I’ve had.

It replaces that “most of the time is spent reading code” phase with a literate documenting phase freeing you up to think and discuss. It’s very much like pairing but with documented conversations by someone who can gain deep technical insights quickly

Might be worth having a look at where GitHub is going with Copilot.