Plugin to read GitHub source Code?

Does anyone know if there is a plugin specifically designed to allow models to read GitHub source code files?

I am a Drupal developer, and there are literally thousands of modules available to assist with just about anything imaginable. The problem is, and has been for the 20+ years I’ve been involved with this CMS, few of these modules are adequately document, and even fewer actively supported.

While, for many (if not most), there is little to no documentation, all of the source code for these modules are available on GitHub. I recently wanted to use two of these modules, AdvancedQueue and Email Confirmer. Downloaded and installed both of them. Not a clue as how to configure or use. Did Google searches, but nothing turned up there except their Drupal pages.

I posted simple questions on their issue queues, but no responses (not unusual), and searching the queues to try and find information using Drupal’s default search mechanism is a joke.

If ever there was a need for AI assistance, it is here. Now, I have, in spite of all of these, managed to install and configure and use both of the modules I mentioned above using GPT-4. I pointed the Browser to the module’s home pages and manually fed (copy and pasted) Codex module code, and was able to cobble together enough information to make the modules useful.

This process would have been even easier if the Browser module could have browsed the GitHub source libraries, project / email_confirmer · GitLab and project / advancedqueue · GitLab, but it would fail every time.

Ditto if it could read the issue queues.

So, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a plugin available that can read these GitHub libraries? Then, we could ask the models to extrapolate functionality (and methods) directly from the source code.

Since the code I am referring to is open-source, and the use I am speaking of is within the terms of use, I see no legal or ethical issue here. We just use AI to help us do what many of these module developers expect us to do anyway, read the source code!

Look for my new Plugun: Shellmaster, it can help you too, if you have Developer access to ChatGPT!

How? I have API access. I have also used the DOS/Unix/Linux command line for over 40 years.
How can I use this to actually retrieve docs from GitHub to be analyzed by LLM?

Do you have ChatGPT plus? There are plenty of choices on the Store that can do exactly this. AskYourCode is pretty good. You can also check out mine, Recombinant AI. Just give it a public repo url, specify the branch and ask away. For example, start with something like “Give me a holistic and deep understanding of my repo at GlassAcres/Recombinant-ai, and tell me how I can refactor it to include a graphing feature”

I built it using itself and for this exact purpose. I’m a newbie coder so I figured my first project would be something that I could point at itself so the model could help me test and create iterative improvements just AGILE in full practice haha.

Look for it on the store and check out or shoot me a DM!


Sounds exactly like what I need – as long as it will work on GitHub. Thank you for the info. Definitely going to give it a try!

Yes! And access to the APIs.

If you have any problems, let me know!

I went to the site, clicked on “Try It”.

No sure what else I was supposed to do.

Wanted to read this: project / email_confirmer · GitLab

The plugin wasn’t installed. So, I did install it.

The issue here is that isn’t a gitHUB url, that is a gitlab project page. I’m actually updating this shortly in order to give it access to public gitlab spaces as well.