Plug-ins I create say they’re created by my deadname

For some reason, even though everything in my account has my preferred name attached to it as far as I can tell, the plugins show up with my dead name. I’m at a loss as to how to fix this. The only thing with that name is my payment info. Anybody have any ideas? This is a bit distressing for me

You need to change the name on the card you use for payment processing.


But then my card would decline. A bit at a loss here as to why in the hell it would be tied to payment processing rather than my account name

You misunderstand.

  1. You need to contact your financial institution and get your name changed with them.
  2. Your financial institution will then send you a new card with your current name.
  3. You will then update your payment information with OpenAI.

For account related queries you need to contact and use the support bot icon in the bottom right, leave your contact details and a description of the issue and you will be contacted back. Please note that at the moment, demand on the support system is very high and it may take some time for you to be contacted.

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This can be avoided by having a domain name, yourdomain . com and then using the domain option when registering GPTs.