GPT developers name is based on credit card

The GPT developers name is taken from their billing information, which was never provided with the intention of being publicly listed as the developers name. For example, my VISA includes my middle initial, so my GPT appears with my first name, middle initial and surname.

Once I realised this, I updated my ChatGPT account settings to remove my initial from the billing details, but they continue to show the name from my VISA card. I’m guessing the setting applied when the GPT is created sticks and they haven’t realised the user may change that setting and/or not want their VISA card details used as the developer name.

Personally, I don’t want my name listed against the GPT at all. But if it must be listed, it shouldn’t be based on my VISA card name & I should be able to change it. I provided my credit card information for billing purposes only. It feels like a breach of my privacy to use my credit card name as my developer name without asking.

I’m sure OpenAI will address this, they are just rushing to market and haven’t got this quite right.

Your case would certainly raise concerns from a privacy perspective.

While we don’t know how they handle individual privacy, given that it says “Name is populated from your billing details”, it seems natural to interpret that they are referencing billing information (the name printed on a credit card, or billing details registered with OpenAI) to populate the name field.

Something even more perplexing happened in my case.

I do not live in an English-speaking country, but the name on my credit card is written in Roman characters.
Names are never written on credit card faces in any script other than the Roman alphabet, and billing information is handled in an alphabetic notation.

We need to carefully consider what the term “populate” means here - in information technology, it refers to the act of adding data to a database or other storage - .

The implication is that we should think carefully about what kind of data they are adding or bringing in from external sources to supplement or enhance the name information contained in the basic billing details.

Even more puzzling, when I checked now, one to two weeks later, my name on PlaceholderGPT had been changed from Kanji to Roman characters.

It is also important to pay attention to the following points in the Disclaimer of Warranties section of the new Terms of Service planned to take effect on December 14:

In short, OpenAI is stating that they do not guarantee that their services do not infringe on the rights of third parties, and they also deny any assurance that users can use the service without interference.