Edits to my GPT aren't implemented

I have created a custom GPT. When I open it outside of edit mode, it says “by Mary Jones” (not the actual name) which is the name on the credit card used to pay for the premium account. I edit the GPT and tell it to change this to “by MyProkject” (where MyProject is the project this is being developed for). It shows the wrench animation and says it’s updating, then says it has made the change. I hit update, follow the link to the GPT, and it still says “by Mary Jones.” Am I doing something wrong? I really can’t have this person’s name on the GPT.

A proper name can be replaced with a domain name, by validating ownership of the name to OpenAI:

You must complete the verification process by placing a TXT record in a site’s DNS server.

Go into the website dropdown in your main builder profile under settings.

Delete all the domains.
Start the verification process again.
Place the new token string into your DNS zone record.
Wait 30 minutes or so for propagation.
Press “Check” to confirm the new authentication token.

Then revisit your GPTs and make public.