Custom GPT shows creators personal information and that needs to stop!

I’m signing in with my Microsoft account and I have a custom GPT, it shows the world my name including initials. That should not happen because that is personal information.

I’m fairly sure it wasn’t properly highlighted and users are not warned so that could be a GDPR breach. Stop showing personal data to the world.


You can use a custom domain if you don’t want to show your name!

That’s not the point because OpenAI are still publishing personal data to the public across the Internet and they are not warning users.

As the data handler and the data processor they are legally obliged to adhere to GDPR.

I don’t know if you have a case here, because it shows you exactly how your gpt will be displayed. You got your title, your description, and your name :thinking:

Plus, as long as you can unpublish your stuff… shouldn’t be an issue, right?

That said, OpenAI does have an issue with communicating stuff in general, but I’m not sure if more warning signs and disclaimers everywhere for this (reversible) action are necessary :thinking:

According to my fact checking GPT my claim is “Generally Accurate” but I don’t know if the custom GPT itself is accurate yet lol

Here’s how you can prevent your name from being shown:

  • Go to
  • Open the settings menu
  • Go to the “builder profile” tab and turn your name off.

I hope that helps.

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The instructions provided above don’t work if you already have published GPT’s. IT says you can’t turn your name off if you already have published GPT’s in the marketplace.