Please use a different email error

I’ve got a “join-team” invitation from my company, and I created a new account using my company email and received a verification email from OpenAI. However, when I click and link from the verification email or just go to the website to log in, it keeps saying, “Please use a different email.”
Please help

See if this applies to you and your past use of OpenAI…

Deleting your account will prevent you from using the account to access OpenAI services, including ChatGPT, API, and DALL·E. You will NOT be able to create a new account using the same email address.

It also may be that the company has not set up email services correctly for address verification, reverse DNS and DNS policies, etc.

Someone from my team is having the same issue. I have set up 4 other team members’ accounts and had no problems.

Can someone in OpenAI look into this?