Login session mishmash - attempt to create email only account

Hi, i have a problem with your auth server. I want to create upgraded account from my company email, but:

  • Login with that email didn’t work
  • I got only one email from your service, when i try to reset password
  • But i still can’t login with right password
  • Now, that email is blocked - for how long time i don’t know, but I’m sure, that when it will be unblocked, it still can’t be use, cause login with really right password will not work - don’t know why
  • Today, when i entry link to https://help.openai.com/ i got Hi, but that secondary email!

So my theory is, that there is some session mishmash. And when i was logged in with google account, even i’m logged out at that moment, i still can’t be logged with new account. But some cookies, or what i don’t know still sometimes identified me as another account - blocked now :frowning: