Please proceed with the limit increase

“I’ve requested a limit increase via the Request Increase Form, from the basic $120 to the $3500 that I need.
However, I’ve only been approved up to $200.
Given the amount of data I’ll be testing with GPT-4, it appears that a total of $3500 will be needed.
I’d like to know why only $200 has been approved, and what I need to do to use up to $3500.”

They basically will not give, will use a variety of reasons to reject you, do not exist fantasy, they are stingy, in time you pay the fee, still so

Many people want to increase and use more, but they don’t seem to want it. We’ll have to look for other ways

I do not work for OpenAI but I can tell you there are a number of reasons why a service provider will institute limits on API use and not lift them to some arbitrary level when asked.

The most important of which is risk.

You can think of API limits very similarly to credit limits. Given your account history, OpenAI may be comfortable extending your limit up to $200/month because you’ve not demonstrated either the need for more than that or the capacity to pay more than that.

Look at it this way, would you expect them to grant you a limit of $1M simply because you asked? I hope not! So if we can agree on that, then it becomes simply a matter of degree. OpenAI is just being more risk adverse than you would like.

My suggestion to you would be to include in your request information which demonstrates your need for additional access as well as information demonstrating your ability to pay for that access.