URGENT! API pricing limit - pay as you >why 100$ only?

Hello everyone,
I am writing to express my interest in subscribing to the ChatGPT API through the pay-as-you-go plan. However, I have encountered an issue during the payment process, as there is a maximum limit of $100. I am looking to increase this limit to accommodate a higher subscription amount. Could you kindly advise me on the procedure to do so?
Thank you for your assistance.

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Try “Requst increase” link from this page OpenAI Platform

For me it has taken a few days to get approval.


He discusses the maximum balance one can have as pre-paid credits, not the monthly billing preapproved maximum for older payment plans.

The solution offered by OpenAI is auto-fill, where, for example, you can configure to fill back to $100 if it goes under $40.

Also consider that the purchased credits are non-refundable, and expire after a year.

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Yes, I would like to make a single payment for the entire year without any monthly limitations. Could you please provide information on the procedures I need to follow to choose this option?

thank you both for your answers

What you see in the interface is what you currently have as options. It was only just increased from $50 to $100.

(PS transferring accounts, if that’s what you’re contemplating, is a violation of OpenAI terms of use)

You could create a bot that monitors your account page and places an order for new credits when needed. Or places as many orders as you need.

At least until you get the option to pay with more convenience.

Or, probably better, you could deploy using Microsoft Azure. I am pretty sure Microsoft is more capable of taking a customer’s money.

OpenAI already made “a bot”, with the automatic recharge feature.

“Pay for a year without limitation” is simply not an option. There are API users with $50,000 bills.

Use a dedicated credit card, load it with whatever amount you need for the year and make sure it won’t go into debt, thus refusing the refill when not approved.

Accounting can then simply compare the transaction and the values for however many payments you made per month.