Phone number locked out of account

Hey, I originally signed up for openai with an email I don’t think is secure. I wanted to add my card info and purchase premium chatgpt/api tokens, but before I did that I wanted to make sure I changed my email.

I didn’t see an option for that, so I signed up for a new account and tried to use my phone number. That didn’t work saying I had too many accounts linked to that number (the FAQS say you can have 2, but I only had one). Anyway, I deleted the bad email account to release the phone number, but now it seems I am completely locked out of chatgpt.

Is there anyway my number can be released? Will this happen in time or am I just unable to use chatgpt without purchasing a new phone?


Related question, which has never been answered by OpenAI: Is it really not possible to change the email, name and phone number associated with an account?.

Btw, I’ve once tried to delete an account, which I created with the same phone number associated with my main personal account, and the bot told me that, once I delete the account, I can’t recreate it again. So, that’s why I didn’t delete it - so OpenAI must save the info about previously deleted accounts in order to do this (is this compliant with data privacy policies?). Originally, I wanted to delete it in order to recreate it with a different phone number, given that we can’t change the phone number, email or name, because that account was supposed to be our work account, which should be independent of my personal account.

I’ve been waiting for OpenAI to help me for more than 1 month. OpenAI has not given me any support since I started to use their API a few months ago, although I haven’t yet set a paid account, and that’s probably why, but I wonder if OpenAI also doesn’t care about you and your problems even if you have a paid account. That would be very very disappointing to say the least