Change registered phone number

How can I change the phone number linked to my account?

It does not seem to be possible in the account settings.


It doesn’t seem to be possible to change the phone number, email or name associated with an account. Actually, it doesn’t seem to be possible to change anything associated with an account.

I suppose OpenAI uses your phone number to determine if you still have the right to get the free credits, so to prevent you from gaming the system.

If they used the email, one could easily keep creating more OpenAI accounts with different emails, which are easy to create.

However, it should be possible to change the phone number of an account, if you initially choose the wrong one because, even if a malicious user tried to game the system, he/she would need to
get a new phone number/card, which usually costs (at least in my country). This is different from creating emails, which doesn’t cost.

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