Is it really not possible to change the email, name and phone number associated with an account?


This question is for the OpenAI team, not regular users.

I’ve been using my personal account to experiment with the OpenAI API, so not for working purposes. Now, at my company, we would also like to use the OpenAI API. So, I created another account with another email address that is not my personal one, another name but with my phone number. Now, we didn’t receive the free credits for this second account, which is not fair, because this new account has nothing to do with my personal use of the API.

So, can the OpenAI team open an exception, in our case, so that we can change at least the phone number?

I understand why you don’t give the free credits for another account with the same phone number (because people could keep on creating accounts just to get the free credits), but, in our case, we just put my personal phone number temporarily, as we didn’t have a personal phone number that is shared across all our team members.

Please, don’t suggest me to read:

I’ve already read that and I already understood that you don’t provide this feature in the interface, but, ultimately, you must have control over the DB that stores our data, so there must be a way to do this.

In any case, if you really don’t want to open an exception, could this be solved in the following way?

  1. delete my account
  2. create another account with the same email address but with different number (and this time get the free credits)?



I have the same issue. @logankilpatrick or others from the OpenAI team have guidance?

Similar issue here. I would be interested in finding out any updates on this matter

Kindly refer to this post by our lead OpenAI staff member here in our developer community regarding these types of customer support topics and issues:

Thank you.


I did. It’s been more than 2 days.


@ruby_coder Can you please stop posting unhelpful answers? I don’t know if you’re a bot or not, but your answers have never been useful.

The OpenAI Help Center is also not useful. The chat there never opened for me. It shows me it’s trying to load the chat it but it never does.

@logankilpatrick Can you please address this important issue? We need an answer. It’s been almost 1 month that I would like to know this. I would also like to know if I can delete an account and recreate it with the same email, but different phone number and name, in order to get the free credits.