Paid with revolut but not yet claimed

I paid for plus with revolut digital creditcard and now it stand on pending is this normal and how long does it normaly take.

Hi, this happened to me also today. Was it eventually working for you?

To me, it appeared declined on the website but the money was taken from my revolut account. Still pending but anyway, it out of my pocket.

Yup I have the same problem - money was taken from my revolut i still dont have paid access to open ai api / playground :confused:

yea same problem here, can we have a response from open ai ? Is revolut not working to pay for the subscription ? It worked for me like 1 month ago, but now suddenly not working.

I’m facing the same issue. Furthermore all revolut cards are being declined, including personal and business cards.

It got refunded and I tried again then it worked imiditily.

You got lucky , mine got declined like 4 times, now it’s not even showing when I retry :slight_smile:

Yup, same issue. Both personal and business Revolut cards stopped being accepted. In Revolut, The transaction appears to happen but then is reverted a few minutes later.

I wonder if this is a Stripe issue? Even adding new Revolut cards in Stripe UI says “card is declined”. Using Google Pay or doesn’t help either.

Same here, what worked for you guys? Adding new card sais card declined

Hey guys,

Hopefully, this will help you out. I had the same issue, tried 3 times with revolut 1 month ago, and each time the transaction got canceled.

But I think I cracked it. I added my revolut card into google wallet and then opened chatgpt from my phone chrome browser.

There I pressed the upgrade to plus button which got me to the payment page. I pressed the first field and allowed google wallet to fill everything in for me and then it worked.

I am not sure if they actually fixed the revolut payment or if it was because of google pay but it is worth a shot.

Good luck, fellas

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In my case, I used PayPal to attach the Revolut business card, set that card as the default payment source, and that worked as well.

This was done through the mobile application since the web app does not give the extra payment options.