Paid plus service but getting “ You've reached your usage limit.” at playground

Hi guys,

I’m on $20 subscription Plus service. And I got the gpt4 api invitation received.

However, at playground or tutorial, whatever the requests I sent, I got the warning
“ You’ve reached your usage limit. See your[usage dashboard]and [billing settings]for more details. If you have further questions, please contact us through our help center at”

Ive checked my usage dashboard, it’s just $0.03 out of $18 being used.

Why is this happening?

Thank you

Ok. so you bought the chatgpt plus subscription.

The fact is that chatgpt and playground (API) are two totally different apps.

If you buy the subscription at chatgpt (20$/month) you don’t have any special priority on gpt4 in the API or Playground. You have priorities only in the chat gpt app (

But, the strange fact is another thing. the fact that you only used 0.03 over 18$ of the free credit and have some limits.

Maybe it’s also caused by the fact that the two apps are totally separated. for example it may be necessary to connect the credit card also to the Openai API playground, for having a less restricted version of the playground.

maybe they apply a lower rate limit for the free users in playground, but im not sure


Aha, you are 100% correct. Chat GPT and API are using seperate billing system. Thank you!

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