Paid for GPTPlus but account says free trial

Hello, I have logged in using google oauth2. A few days ago I paid for a chat gpt plus subscription and on the try chatgpt interface it says I have a paid account.

When I log into the api page, it says I have zero credits and need to upgrade from a free trial. This is the same account ( google oauth ). I bought this to use the API but I have zero credits because it says I am on a “free account”. Any Ideas?

Hi @jareddzwick,

yes, you’ve paid for the GPT-Plus Service ( Introducing ChatGPT Plus (, this is something different to to purchasing credits for the API. The API is pay as you go and not a one time subscription.

Go to here: Billing overview - OpenAI API and then click on “Set up paid account” if you want to purchase capacity for the API


Ah I thought that may be the case, thank you good sir! @linus

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Your welcome! Happy to hear that I was able to help you😇

Sorry if I jump in this thread, but would like to ask what “pay as you go” means… Will I get billed at the end of each month for what I spent? Or something different?


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Hi @roughnecks,

no problem :slight_smile:

You’ll be billed at the end of each calendar month for usage during that month unless the parties have agreed to a different billing arrangement in writing. Invoices are typically issued within two weeks of the end of the billing cycle.

What I meant with as you go is that you don’t have to buy a contingent before and you’ll get only billed for the tokens you used.

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Thank you all for your answer. I am in the same situation, I paid 20$ to access to chatgpt plus, however, when I am on the platform, it showing Trial Account.
if my understanding is right, we have to pay for ChatGTP plus and Also for the platform. So what is the purpose to pay for ChatGPT Plus, if you do not have access to all the feature available ?

Hi and welcome in the Forum @mehdielghali, nice to have you on board :slight_smile:

Yes you are right. The purpose of this is that this are two different products with different target groups in mind. The API/Playground are for developers and to build custom solutions or to integrate them in several use-cases (look around the forum, you’ll find a lot of impressive things people build here!) ChatGPT Plus is more like a end user thing for people that want a chatbot.

If you look at the billing and the capabilities it makes sense to seperate those two products because they have different target groups and use-cases in mind.

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